Preliminary Numbers in for General Hunting Season at Havre Check Station

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) –With the general hunting season now closed, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 6 Officials have released the preliminary final numbers from the Havre Check Station.

The 2021 season saw record numbers of hunters and harvested mule deer.

841 mule deer were checked over the eight weeks. That is a seven percent increase from last year and a 60 percent increase over the long-term average.

Another animal that saw a significant increase was sharp-tailed grouse. 165 were checked this year, up 53 percent from the long-term average. 97 grouse were checked last year.

Other animals that had increased harvest include Hungarian partridge, 78 Hungarian partridges were checked, up 35 percent from the long-term average.

97 ducks were checked, up 74 percent from the long-term average.

The number of hunters that visited the station this year was 2,105, up from 1,813 last year and 24 percent above the long-term average.

Animals that saw decreased harvest this year compared to the long-term average include:

  • Antelope (193 checked, 24 percent below long-term average)
  • White-Tailed Deer (138 checked, 10 percent below long-term average)
  • Elk (39 checked, 1 percent below long-term average)
  • Pheasant (479 checked, 38 percent below long-term average)

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