Project Engineer Discusses Chinook Water Delivery Improvements

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – With construction on a major improvements project on Chinook’s water distribution system now in its second week, Jeff Ashley, the engineer that designed the upgrades, spoke with New Media Broadcasters to discuss what local residents should expect.

“There’s various areas of town that these improvements will target. We are going to upsize some mains that are undersized right now, replace some of the older mains that have had issues in the past with newer materials and really just going to have a more reliable water system for the residents of Chinook. That means less main breaks, better flow in the system, less stagnant water, and just improve the water quality for the residents.”

Ashley says the area by the fire hall will have the most notable construction crew presence, as that is where a new bulk water station is being installed. But all areas of town may notice crews during construction.

“Really, you’re going to have crews spread all around town in various locations. What we tried to do in the contract documents is we didn’t want the entire town torn up and streets torn up and just be a real big nuisance for the residents of Chinook. So we did limit the number of areas that the contract can be currently constructing. That’s maybe two to three areas around town at a time. But they will be bouncing around quite a bit. Like I said, down on the south end of town is really the hub of construction. Along Ohio Street, over on the east side on Utah Street there is some work, on the north side there’s a little bit of work, and then over on Montana Street on the west side of town there’s some additional work too. If you’re living in Chinook, just be aware that you’ll see some construction crews, you’ll see some road closure signs and barricades. It’s only temporary. It’s a big improvement to the system and hopefully we can move through it safely and have a more reliable water system when the project is complete.”

The estimated completion date for the project is early August.

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