Rancher Succession Stories Event

There is an informative event coming up this Monday for Montana ranchers.

The Rancher Stewardship Alliance is hosting a succession stories event. Haylie Shipp the communication lead for the Rancher Stewardship Alliance explains the event.

“We have a sister group that is fairly similar to us…and between the two of us we’re putting on this conference together. It’s called succession stories and we’re going to be highlighting one of those issues that really does plague our agricultural communities, and that’s when it’s really hard to pass the family ranch on to the next generation. There is a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of different thought about what should happen. There’s a lot of different emotions that are hard to talk about that go into that decision as well.” -Haylie Shipp

Haylie continues to specify the type of information people can expect to receive from attending the event.

“This workshop is going to be a little bit different, and I hate to use the word emotional, because that’s a feely word that we in agriculture don’t love to hear. It’s hard to talk to your dad about emotional things, but that’s where we are more connecting with this one.”-Haylie Shipp

The event will take place in Malta starting at 5 pm this Monday night. If you’re interested in attending Haylie explains how you can register.

“We do ask that folks pre-register and you can do so on our website, RanchStewards.org, and when you go into that pre-registration, you’re going to notice that you can basically pay as little, zero dollars, or as much if you want. So, it really is whatever folks want to pay.” -Haylie Shipp

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