Recent Snow Affects Havre Underground

(Havre) – With Havre Beneath the Streets hosting their Holiday Spirit Stroll on Saturday, December 2nd New Media Broadcasters sat down with Christy Owens the Office Manager of Havre Beneath the Streets to ask how the Moisture from the past Snow falls has affected the underground.

“The moisture, especially on the 2nd Avenue side, that’s something where we’ve been waiting to get the repairs done. We’ve moved out of that area of course quite some time ago but there’s still moisture in the air. We’ve had to add in dehumidifiers, were hoping to get some funds to add in another dehumidifier in the future. It just the ongoing moisture. You know we’ve had so many years of dry season here in Havre Montana is getting into the moisture season and things are a little damp down there. So, we’ve been working on getting that taken care of while running fans. So, that moisture has affected things down there.”

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