Rocky Boy to Send Bighorn Sheep to North Dakota Reservation

ROCKY BOY, Mont. (NMB) – The Rocky Boy’s Reservation is planning on sending around three dozen bighorn sheep to a North Dakota tribe next week.

Rocky Boy Fish and Game Supervisor Zach Hammond says the translocation will be made in part because they have too many bighorn sheep in Rocky Boy. He says they currently have over 200 bighorn sheep on the reservation, far more than the 100 to 120 sheep they say is ideal.

“They start to roam, and once they get out of the 5-mile radius that we have around the reservation, they start to get around the domestic sheep. And then they bring back in a disease that could kill off the whole herd.”

Hammond says no bighorns on the reservation are currently diseased, but they have had some issues with them roaming off the reservation.

The plan is for around 30 to 40 bighorn sheep to be caught via helicopter early next week, shortly after which they will be transported to the MHA reservation in western North Dakota.

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