Snow Melting Slowly Throughout Hill County

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Spring is here and the snow across Hill County is slowly melting. Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Dave Sheppard says that while most of the snow is melting, the Milk River is still mostly frozen and the water levels at Fresno Reservoir are still quite low.

“It’s looking good. The snow melt has been going off gradually, which is always good. We’re having melting pretty much countywide. And, like I say, it’s been a gradual melt so far. Temperatures are still dropping down in the night, so that helps slow things down a little bit.”

Sheppard says that sudden flooding caused by ice jams is a possibility, but rare for our area.

“That’s always a possibility, although, ice jams, at least in our section of the Milk River, don’t happen often, but it’s always a possibility. It is fairly rare for our part of the country anyway.”

Sheppard says that if this pattern of warm days with below freezing temperatures at night continues, Hill County should see little to no flooding.

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