Steinmetz Discusses Decision to Run for HD 28

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Even before Jacob Bachmeier announced he would not be running for re-election for his House District 28, he already had a replacement in mind.

Two weeks before he announced his decision, he spoke with lifelong Montanan and current Havre resident Krystal Steinmetz about wanting her to run for his seat.

Steinmetz has spent her life in both public and private service, and previously held positions that range from TV Reporter in Missoula to Director of Community Planning at Bear Paw Development.

Steinmetz says that before she was approached by Bachmeier, she hadn’t even considered entering the political realm.

“I had to make a decision pretty quickly, so I still feel like I’m reeling a bit from all the excitement, but it’s all becoming more real as I’m filling out paperwork and trying to trudge through campaign finance law and that kind of thing.”

Along with healthcare, Steinmetz says the issues she is most passionate about are education and infrastructure.

“I want to make sure that we continue to make sure that are schools do have enough money. Infrastructure is huge to me, hugely important. Anytime you’re talking about ensuring (we) have a vibrant economy. The foundation of that is a good infrastructure.”

Steinmetz is the only person to file for House District 28, but says she would welcome a challenger, either in the Primary or General Election.

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