Stone Child College Library Digitalization Project

(Box Elder) – With Stone Child College Library receiving a total of around $116,000 from two grants New Media Broadcasters sat down with Joy Bridwell the Librarian of the College to ask what their digitalization project was.

“We call it our Rocky Boy History Project it was a project started a while ago by Gerard Vanderburg he was the historian on campus he had since retired a couple of years ago we inherited all of his material. So, a huge chunk of what’s going into this digitalization project is stuff that he’s done. A lot of pictures, genealogy, ceremonial stuff. A lot of stuff from various newspapers throughout the state anything that’s mentioned Rocky Boy or Chippewa Cree has been put into these books that he’s combined. a lot of his stuff is going to be easily uploaded it’s just sorting through it. But we also have a lot of stuff that has come from the Smithsonian or the American Indian Museum in Washington, D.C. we’ve had numerous bring material back, so we’ve just been going through all the materials that have been catalogued over the last couple of years and getting that information uploaded into our system.”

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