Stone Child Receives Grants totaling around $116,000

(Box Elder) – With Stone Child College Library receiving a total of around $116,000 from two grants New Media Broadcasters sat down with Joy Bridwell the Librarian of the College to talk about grants.

“So, every year we apply for a one-year grant from the Institution of Museum and Library Services through D.C. We applied for the Native American Basic Grant, which is $10,000with that grant we are updating and renewing four major data bases for our students and for our community it also pays for our travel to go to the Federal College Librarians Institute in Bozeman every year. In order to apply for the enhancement grant which is the next grant up you have to first be awarded the basic grant. With our grant we hired a library assistant and an archive assistant who are the same person we’re also doing a lot of updating in our archive we’re currently working on a digitalization project that’s been going on for a couple of years now.”


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