Succession Event Recap

The rancher stewardship alliance hosted succession story events where speakers explained the process of passing down the family ranch onto the next generation.

Haylie Shipp the lead communication and outreach lead for the rancher stewardship alliance explains how the events went.

“Honestly we were a little bit worried, we had to reschedule it one time because of weather, and then we knew the roads weren’t going to be the best as we held the second event, but we had to just go with it, and we ended up with around 50 people both in Malta on Monday evening and then in Winnett on Tuesday evening. So, all in all we’re calling that a win, and more than just the number of people, it was a really engaged audience and coming out of it we already heard from some folks that they really enjoyed what was presented to them by our three ranch families that were up in front of them. That is at the end of the day what’s amazing, as long as you can create some good quality take homes for that audience it doesn’t matter if there was 20 people in it or 200.” -Haylie Shipp

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