Sugarbeet Festival Kicks Off Saturday in Chinook

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – The annual Sugarbeet Festival returns to Chinook this weekend to give the local residents a chance to celebrate their community. Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce President Daniel Dahl says they have events taking place all over Chinook for people of all ages.

“We’re not trying to do anything too complicated like we’ve done in the past. We’ve kept it pretty simple this year, but we have things like, of course, our annual parade and the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament. And we’re doing a pie eating contest this year, just kind of for fun and stuff. And we’re kind of doing a couple of new things. We also have a lot of vendors coming.”

While the Sugarbeet Festival itself may be a little smaller this year, there are plenty of other events to help draw people to Chinook for the celebrations.

“We’re sharing this time, also, with the Chinook Gun Club. They’re having their annual Gun Show down at the Fairgrounds. Along with that, we’re also, the Blaine County Cruizers are having a Car Show. So, really excited for that. We want to get a pretty good flow of people through our community that way. And we were excited when the Gun Club said that they were doing their Gun Show the same weekend, because it means that we can have more things for people to do in our town.”

The events will kick off with a Health Fair at Wallner Hall on Friday morning. Saturday starts with the annual pancake breakfast at the Senior Center, along with a fun run. The Chinook Cheerleaders will hold a Chili Cookoff at the Eagles Club starting at 4 PM and the parade will start at 4:30.

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