Sweet Park Brewfest 2023

(Chinook) – On September 30th the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation will be hosting their annual Sweet Park Brewfest at 4 pm. Laura Feltz at large member for the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation talks about the event.

“So, the Brewfest is going to be starting at 4pm at Sweet Memorial Park at the 800 New York Street here in Chinook and it will be featuring many different craft beers, ciders, wines and were also going to be having a new root beer float bar for the kids and nonalcoholic drinkers. There’s also going to be a barbecue and that is going to be hosted by the Blaine County Wildlife Museum. And there is going to be music and that is going to be by the Stone Brook Spring band and then there is going to be a silent auction, some kid drawings. For the craft beer we’re having a brewing company’s coming in from Jeremiah Johnson brewing company, Lewis and Clark Brewery, Philipsburg brewing, kettle house brewing, Triple Dog is coming as well.”

She also talks about the history of the Brewfest.

“So, this is pretty new to me I’ve only been in Chinook for a little over a year now and to my knowledge this was basically started to help raise funds for the pool and park foundation for the renovation of the ageing pool and the park facilities So all of those benefits are going to be going towards that just to raise the funds so Chinook can have a new pool and park facilities.”

She continued by talking about other details about the event and also volunteering.

“So, there will also be, in case it gets cold that night, there’s also going to be some heaters throughout, so people don’t get cold. The Blaine DUI task force is also offering free rides that night for anybody and this is going to be the first year that Jean Kokkeler is going to be donating several bikes for the kids throughout the giveaway as well. And then if you also want to volunteer for Brewfest like setting up and taking down, if you want to txt the phone number at 406-531-4411 just for volunteering and helping us out you get a free mug, free drinks, and free dinner for the night.”

She finished by thanking everyone who helped make the Brewfest possible.

“We would like to send a huge thank you of course to all our amazing sponsors put on this event every year especially to this magnitude we are so grateful to everyone who has donated their time to this past event and not just financial but obviously their time is valuable as well and of course like I’ve said it’s our mission to fix the aging pool and park facilities her and we just hope that comes down and has a great time because everyone across the hi-line is welcome to attend.”

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