Thanksgiving Challenges

A number of challenges in 2022 has been met by poultry producers, and according to the US Department of Agriculture, the Thanksgiving demand for turkeys should be fulfilled to all who wish to purchase a holiday bird.

HPAI, or highly pathogenic avian influenza, was an aspect of the trials this year, resulting in the loss of more than 8 million turkeys and 50 million total production fowl.

It is estimated that fresh turkey will be up 2 cents per pound, a 1% increase from last year. Frozen turkeys on the other hand, will see a 6% cost up tick, at 9 cents higher than 2021 pricing. A fresh 12 pound turkey hen is projected to cost $18.72 on average, while the same size frozen turkey should cost around $11.64.

Other typical thanksgiving fare and the anticipated average cost are:
Sweet potatoes – 86 cents per pound
Russet potatoes – 98 cents per pound
Cranberries – $2.24 per 12 ounces
Green beans – $1.67 per pound
Milk – $3.73 per gallon

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