The Montana Housing Shortage

According to many sources Montana is facing a housing shortage. Andrea Davis the Executive Director of Homeward and the Chair of the Montana housing coalition explains what the housing shortage is looking like for everyday Montanans.

“What we’ve seen here in Montana is that rents have steadily increased. Since 1985 rents have increased four times that of wages. Wages have not kept up, and in Montana last year the median home purchase price was $450,000, like a 26 percent increase year over year, and local wages just don’t keep up with that. So you can imagine if you’re a senior and let’s say you’ve rented a small house in Havre for 10 years and all of a sudden there’s demand, there’s people willing to pay more, and the landlord increases the rent by several hundred dollars, you’ve got somebody like a senior living on fixed income that there’s just no way that they are going to be able to maintain that home and so that’s what we’re seeing. Not only that but also just working families, people that are earning lower wages are having a difficult time competing for not only rentals that they can afford but also to get into the home ownership market.” -Andrea Davis

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