Uncounted Ballots from Rocky Boy Trustee Election Discovered

ROCKY BOY, Mont. (NMB) – Rocky Boy Schools Superintendent Voyd St. Pierre has announced that a box of 90 unopened ballots from the May 2021 Trustee Election.

A press release says these ballots were discovered this summer by a former District Clerk, and were “cast in advance of the election day, but were overlooked during the counting, canvassing and certification of the election.”

After receiving advice from the County Attorney, Secretary of State, and their own legal counsel, the District has determined they cannot open the ballots without a court order, but they “will comply with any directives given to it as a result of a legal proceeding.”

The Trustee election was between ten candidates vying for two three-year terms.

Josh Seaton (45 votes) and Shana Henry (40 votes) were declared the winners of the election and have already been sworn in.

Russell T. Gopher placed third, with 36 votes, followed by Jody A Lamere with 24 votes, Sharon J Cantrell (22 votes), and Russell Standing Rock (21 votes).

Candidates from the election have been notified.

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