Weather Change Improves Hunter Harvest on Rocky Mountain Front

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (NMB) – Recent colder temperatures and snow have slightly improved hunter harvest of mule deer and elk on a portion of the Rocky Mountain Front, according to a Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife biologist.

A press release says that mule deer and elk harvest are 34 percent and 30 percent below the 10-year-average, respectively.

FWP wildlife biologist Brent Lonner says, “The Sun River elk harvest is picking up with the change in weather.”

Meanwhile, white-tailed deer harvest continues to remain above the 10-year average at 6 percent. Anterless harvest is the reason for the increased success.

Elk hunters so far have brought in 126 animals compared to the 10-year average of 171 elk.

Mule deer at the check station have numbered 90 animals. The 10-year average is 136 animals.

White-tailed deer totals stand at 140, while the 10-year average is 131.

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