What’s Happening Next for Havre’s Government

Recently Havre residents voted to maintain the mayor and council form of government, with no city manager. Havre Mayor Doug Kaercher explains the details.

“Now on the last ballot the city chose to put on the ballot whether the public would like to go to a city manager form of government and that would of taken the executive portion from the mayor and placed it in the city managers arena to operate the city, and we all know after the election that didn’t pass, so we will continue to operate as the council mayor form of government.”– Havre Mayor Doug Kaercher

Now that the form of government has been established Mayor Kaercher explains what will be happening next.

“Well for the last year while the question was being asked, I’ve operated as the mayor and the finance director for the City of Havre. Now that we have the answer from the election, the city will open that position up. We will be looking to hire a new finance director for the City of Havre and move forward from there.”– Havre Mayor Doug Kaercher

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