Why was Volunteer Services Shutdown?

(Havre) – With the Northern Montana Hospital hosting the Voluntary Auxiliary Craft on November 17th New Media Broadcasters sat down with Elizabeth Lindbom the Volunteer Services Coordinator about why volunteer services were shut down.

“Because of Covid there was a huge damper in fundraising abilities and the volunteer program actually shut down for a little bit because they couldn’t come in and so when I took over, we were kind of in the rebuilding process. So, I had to recruit new volunteers, bring back old ones, get our financials’ going again, and we finally caught the momentum to start fundraising. Start having meeting in hopes to get to that point where we can donate.”

We also asked how bad Covid hurt Volunteer Services?

“I mean there was loss of life loss of opportunity loss of participation, people were scared it was really hard when I came in. I mean we only had 2 volunteers working a week and so it just took time and encouragement. I threw a Christmas party and got people to come back in and say it’s safe let’s do this let’s work together let’s get it back. Because volunteer is kind of a lost art and so it’s a blessing that this is as far as we’ve made it.”

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