Xavier Clark Sentencing Set

In October 2021 Xavier Clark shot and killed 21-year-old Dyllan Murray at a house party in Havre. For the last 520 days Xavier Clark has been in jail pending court.

Yesterday, Monday March 20th, 2023, Xavier’s official sentencing was set.

Before the judge determined sentencing video accounts of the shooting was played from two witnesses. Both said that Xavier pointed a gun at them as they entered the house. Xavier then pulled the trigger at the witnesses, but the gun failed to go off. Xavier then shot and killed Dyllan Murray when the witnesses were in the other room.

Following the witness videos members of Dyllan’s family read emotional statements. Where they explained the loss and devastation they felt after learning of Dyllan’s death.

Xavier also reviewed a victim impact statement. Dyllan’s grandmother wrote that she had a hole in her heart following the loss, to which Xavier replied, “see a doctor.” Another statement said Dyllan was a loving person to his family, to which Xavier replied, “debatable.”

The judge, Kaydee Snipes Ruiz jumped the plea and sentenced Xavier Clark to 50 years in Montana State Prison, 10 years of parole restriction, and 20 years suspended.


  1. He’ll do something stupid in prison that will either get him a life sentence, or get him killed. No loss to society.

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