11 Vehicles Stolen in January in Havre

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – In January, eleven vehicles were stolen from the Havre area, according to Havre Police Chief Gabe Matosich. Matosich says that they have seen an increase of thefts and stolen vehicles recently and encourages people to be safe. He says that of those eleven stolen vehicles, eight of them were recovered.

Matosich says that people should lock up their homes, vehicles, garages, and sheds. He says they have also seen some thefts from storage units in the area. People should keep an eye on their neighborhood for any suspicious activity and to report anything to law enforcement.

Matosich says that some of the vehicles that were stolen were taken while the owners was letting the vehicles warm up. He encourages people to use their remote start on their vehicle if they have them, and to be careful while letting your car idle unlocked.

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