2 Rocky Boy Police Officers Suspended Following Assault Accusation

ROCKY BOY, Mont. (NMB) – Two men with Chippewa Cree Law Enforcement have been accused of breaking into a home in Box Elder and assaulting residents. Cody Lamere has been charged with breaking & entering and assault & battery, and Kyle LaFromboise is charged with domestic violence and assault & battery. Law enforcement officials say that both men were arrested and later bonded out.

Tribal court documents say that at about 4 AM on April 22nd, Lamere used a card to open a locked door at a Box Elder home. Lamere and LaFromboise entered the bedroom and Lamere started hitting and kicking a sleeping man. LaFromboise has a child with the woman who was also sleeping in the bed.

Later that afternoon, LaFromboise was arrested for allegedly slapping and punching the mother of his child at a different address.

Both men have pleaded not guilty and pre-trial proceedings will start on June 17th for LaFromboise and on July 8th for Lamere.

The Rocky Boy Police Department says that the two officers have been suspended.

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