Blaine County 4-H Club preparing for fair season

(Chinook) The Blaine County 4-H Club is hosting a multitude of workshops and labs this month.

Blaine County Family Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent Trent Nowel says that these events are meant to get the youth members ready and prepared for upcoming events

“We’re trying to get our kids geared up to start thinking about their projects not only for fair but to complete their records for the year. That’s why we have our robotics workshops and leather workshops and our shooting sports workshops,” said Nowel. “Then, also, we’re getting into the time of the season that animals are starting to become relevant for fairs. So, we’ve had our steer weigh-ins, and then coming up in May we’ll have lamb and pig weigh-ins as well. So the kids are really getting geared up to do their animal projects for the fair as well this year”

The Blaine County 4-H has at least 1 event a week for this rest of this month, with some weeks seeing more as they get ready for fair season, with the Great Northern Fair taking place at the end of July and the Blaine County Fair set for the beginning of August.

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