Chouteau County Certifies Election Results

FORT BENTON, Mont. (NMB) – Chouteau County finalized the local results of the 2020 general election with their canvassing on Tuesday.

Chouteau County saw 81 percent voter turnout, with 3,022 residents casting a ballot. This is the highest turnout in a general election for Chouteau County since 1996, when turnout was also at 82 percent.

Three of the nine precincts ended up with just over 90 percent turnout. Those precincts are No. 2 (part of the Fort Benton area), No. 4 (Carter and the surrounding area), and No. 7 (Loma area).

The Precinct with the lowest turnout was No. 5 at 45 percent. This is the only Chouteau County precinct on the Rocky Boy Reservation.

Eight of nine Chouteau County precincts voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Republican candidates on the ballot, with Democrats only winning Precinct No. 5.

The only contested county-level contest was the Big Sandy Hospital Tax District Mill Levy. This was only for Precincts 7, 8, and 9, and passed by a vote of 467-203.

For complete Chouteau County results, click here.

For precinct maps, visit Montana Free Press.

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