City of Havre Cleaning Up Branches Following September Storm

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – In the aftermath of a late September snowstorm, the City of Havre is cleaning up broken branches along the boulevards. Public Works Director Dave Peterson says Havre was lucky this year, as the temperatures stayed above freezing and the wind kept too much snow from weighing down trees.

“Any of the boulevard streets that we had, Parks and Recreation is out right now clearing any of the broken and hanging branches that they’ve got on the boulevard trees and we will be going around and picking up, you know, those boulevard trees, hopefully here in the next week or so to get those taken care of.”

Peterson says this year’s storm was not nearly as destructive as the one from early October 2017.

“We didn’t see anywhere close to the damage we had to trees and stuff in the previous one. You know, I think we were pretty fortunate. The weather stayed above freezing. You know, we didn’t get a lot ice and stuff built up on the limbs and the leaves and stuff like that so a lot of it just kind of fell off. And so, I think that helped us out, you know, quite a bit.”

Peterson says that property owners are responsible for cleaning up branches on their property. The City will pick up branches if they are cut into four-foot lengths, bundled, and placed near their garbage cans.

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