Fort Belknap Election Candidates Unveiled

FORT BELKNAP, Mont. (NMB) –The election for seats on the Fort Belknap Community Council will begin with the primary on October 5th, and there is no shortage of candidates.

For the positions of President and Vice-President, there are five sets of candidates competing for the four year terms:

  • Tescha Hawley and Edward “Buster” Moore
  • Virgil “Stone Chief” Talksdifferent and Felicia Mount
  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Stiffarm and Judith J. “Judy” King
  • William T. “Snuffy” Main and Donald “Duck” Horn
  • Andrew Russell Werk Jr.* and John A. Allen

For seats on the Council, the following races and candidates are on the ballot (all two year terms):

  • River Gros Ventre District Representative:
    • Dominic Messerly*
    • Connie L. Filesteel
  • Mountain Gros Ventre District Representative:
    • William Hughes Sr.
    • Warren D. Morin*
    • Raymond Chandler Jr.
  • Gros Ventre At Large/Representative Elected by Gros Ventre Voters:
    • Stephen “Shelly” Fox
    • Harold “Jiggs” Main
    • Joey Kill Eagle
  • Gros Ventre At Large/Representative Elected by Both Tribes:
    • Geno Levaldo
    • Brenda Essert
    • Mike “Gopher” Fox*
  • River Assiniboine District Representative:
    • Robert “Bobby” Ironmaker Sr.
    • Derek “Sam” Azure
  • Mountain Assiniboine District Representative:
    • Brian Kevin Wing
  • Assiniboine At Large/Representative Elected by Both Tribes:
    • Diana Bigby
    • Wesley Medicine Bear
    • Tracy “Ching” King*
    • Avis M. Ball
    • Tyler Allen
    • Violet R. Yellow


The top two candidates in each race will advance to the general election.

For the seat representing Assiniboine At-Large/Elected by Assiniboine Voters Only, no candidates filed. This means a special election will be held on November 16th. The deadline to file for this seat will close at the end of the business day on September 17th. If there are more than two candidates for this seat, November 16th will serve as the primary, and the final election will be on December 14th.

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