Free CWD Hunter Workshop in Glasgow Set for Saturday

GLASGOW, Mont. (NMB) – With the detection of Chronic Wasting Disease in the state of Montana in 2017, the way hunters approach the hunting and processing of the big game animals of the deer family is changing, especially within a CWD management zone. A press release says a free workshop will teach hunters about hunting in a CWD management zone, including information on CWD, how to extract lymph nodes for testing, and how to quarter a big game animal using the “gutless” method.

The workshop will be held in Glasgow at the FWP Region 6 Headquarters on Saturday, October 19th, starting at 12:30 PM and all ages are welcome. Door prizes, beverages and light snacks will be available.

In Region 6, the Northern CWD Management Zone includes all districts north of Highway 2. To prevent the spread of CWD, the whole carcass, whole head, brain, or spinal column from any deer, elk or moose harvested within one of these zones may not be removed from that zone unless the animal has tested negative for CWD.

One way to effectively remove the harvested animal from a management zone is by quartering it and removing all required consumable parts, which leaves the rest of the carcass in the field.

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