FWP Concerned About Winterkill

GLASGOW – According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks the climate in northeast Montana the last few years hasn’t been the best for our area fishing ponds. Back-to-back summer droughts and now a tough, long winter this year, have left fish populations in many ponds and small reservoirs across northeastern Montana with little room to breathe.

There are many factors that influence a pond to winterkill, but it usually starts with low water and increased vegetation leaving the fish with little oxygen to breathe.

FWP will work to stock fish into those ponds which have winterkilled. Additionally, biologists actively install and maintain windmill aerators on area ponds. Windmill aerators generate oxygen for fish through tough winter months and work best on waters that have good depth and generally good habitat. They do not work well in shallow ponds with marginal habitat.

Anglers are asked to notify FWP if they find dead fish in area waters as the ice comes off this spring. If anglers notice a fish kill, or have other questions or concerns, please call your local FWP office.


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