FWP Proposes Goldfish Removal from Private Pond Near Zortman

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is proposing to use the chemical rotenone to remove invasive goldfish from an unnamed private pond on upper CK Creek, approximately 1 mile from Zortman.

Goldfish are considered an aquatic invasive species and are capable of threatening downstream populations of several native prairie fish species.

FWP attempted to remove the goldfish via non-chemical means in 2016, but the effort failed to remove all of the fish. FWP says this chemical action will eliminate the risk of goldfish spreading to downstream locations including Fort Peck Reservoir.

The chemical proposed for removal of fish uses rotenone as its active agent. Rotenone is a naturally occurring substance derived from the roots of tropical plants in the bean family. It has been used by native people for centuries to capture fish and has been used in fisheries management in North America since the 1930s.

Goldfish are the only species of fish in the pond. This pond has historically been fishless, and there are no plans to stock fish after goldfish are removed due to the pond’s small size.

A draft environmental assessment is available for review and public comment. The EA can be viewed online at fwp.mt.gov/news/publicNotices/environmentalAssessments/speciesRemovalAndRelocation/pn_0084.html or a hard copy can be obtained by calling 406-265-6177. Comments can be submitted online, emailed to cnagel@mt.gov, or mailed to: MT FWP, Attn: Goldfish Pond Removal, 2165 Hwy 2 East, Havre, MT 59501

For more information or questions, please contact biologist Cody Nagel at 406-265-6177.  Public comment is welcome and will be accepted until 5 PM, Friday, July 17, 2020.

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