Greg Gianforte Discusses Race for Governor

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Republican Greg Gianforte, Montana’s at-large Representative in the US House, is campaigning to become the next Governor of Montana.

If elected, Gianforte says he’ll work to scale back what he considers burdensome regulations and change up the leadership at state agencies.

“We need new leadership at most of the state agencies. We have good state workers, but they haven’t been led well. FWP is in conflict with landowners and sportsmen. DEQ and DNRC have become the project prevention department. We need new leadership there. So those would be the first few things I’d work on.”

Gianforte believes his business experience, which includes founding RightNow Technologies in 1997, sets him apart from the rest of the field.

“I’ve spent my entire career leading teams and assembling teams and leading them to achieve outcomes. And we need increased accountability and leadership in the Governor’s office. It was really that combination of things that led me to throw my hat in the ring for Montana’s next Governor.”

The 2020 primary is scheduled for June 2nd.

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