Havre Softball Looking for Momentum Following Strong Start

The Havre softball team picked up its first win of the season last week at Miles City, (13-0). The Blue Ponies had a balanced attack, getting a five-inning no-hitter from Elle Verploegen and hitting from across the lineup.

Head coach Tony Vigliotti said playing for the first time in 2024 was a good effort and that there can always be room for improvement.

“First of all, it was just nice to get on the field and play somebody in a different colored uniform,” Vigliotti said. “It was a long road trip, but I thought for the first time out, we played pretty well.”

“Elle threw the ball extremely well,” Vigliotti continued. “I think we only had two strikeouts (and) neither of them were looking.”

“It gave us an opportunity to see us in some real live action,” Vigliotti said. “Of course, there’s always plenty to do and plenty to work on for us.”

The season will be in full swing this week and Vigliotti has told his players that he likes the way that it will kick into high gear early on.

“It’s good to get in that flow of the season where you practice for a few days, you have a couple of games, (and) you can look and reassess and practice some more,” Vigliotti said. “We’re excited about getting going and looking forward to the weekend.”

The games this week will be dependent on the weather, but Coach Vig broke down the early challenges of going to Lewistown to play Fergus to be followed by a long bus ride home late at night that will lead to a turnaround game the next day in a rematch with Custer County.

“Lewistown on Friday (is) a rivalry game for us,” Vigliotti said. “They’re always coached well (and) always a good team, so that’ll be a big test for us.”

“We’ll just concentrate on what we do and see where we’re at,” Vigliotti continued. “Hopefully, we’ll get some more quality at-bats.”

“Then we get home late Friday night and turn around to play another conference game against Miles City, who comes to our place on Saturday, weather permitting,” Vigliotti said.

The Havre High softball team will start its week at Fergus on Friday followed by the home opener at Sixth Avenue Memorial Field on Saturday. 1pm first pitch for JV followed by varsity at 3pm with rain playing a factor in the schedule.

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