Havre Trails Finishing Up Frisbee Golf Course, Holding Hiking Challenge

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – With summer having arrived, Havre Trails wants the public to know there is plenty to take advantage of outside in the area.

Havre Trails President Lindsey Brandt-Bennett says they are spending this week putting the finishing touches on the new 9-hole Normandy Coulee Frisbee Golf Course in Beaver Creek Park, which is now ready for the public to enjoy.

“We’re really excited and we think people will really enjoy it. We did have to do a fair amount of fundraising for that just to get all of the equipment. And a lot of work has gone in to the planning and the layout and the grunt work of getting the actual equipment in the ground.”

Other work planned this summer includes adding additional signage to Rotary Canyon Trail.

For the second straight year, Havre Trails will not be holding their Brewfest. This year, Brandt-Bennett says they simply didn’t have enough time to prepare due to all of the unknown variables earlier this year. However, they plan on hosting the fundraiser next year.

“It takes about six months of planning at least, actually more like eight months to do to get ready for Brewfest. We just weren’t really ready to do that this year. We weren’t sure where we’d be at with COVID. So we’re fully planning to do it next year. It’s just a lot of work if it has to get canceled. And managing everyone with various COVID restrictions and concerns is kind of hard to do when we usually have 1,200 or so people show up at the Brewfest. We’re really excited to do it again, but it’s just going to have to wait until next year.”

Brandt-Bennett says they hope to make up the loss in funds via COVID-relief funds or grants.

Havre Trails is also holding an outdoor hike challenge. For details, visit the Havre Trails Facebook page.

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