Hill County BUILD Grant Application Postponed

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Last week, the Hill County Commissioners decided not to pursue federal BUILD Grants this year, as there isn’t enough time to get the application completed by the July deadline. Commissioner Mark Peterson says that, instead, they will apply for a planning grant in July 2020, which will help them put together the larger BUILD Grant application.

“As we found out more information from the BUILD Grant itself, the timeline was quite short. And, as we looked at it, there’s no way that it’s physically possible to put together a grant for $25 million to do what we want to do in that short time frame.”

Peterson encourages any eligible entities to apply for these grants.

“My biggest fear is, if we are not applying for this grant, other counties, each state can get up to $150 million. It doesn’t mean every state gets that, but up to that. If we don’t apply for it, that the government is going to say, ‘You know, we gave you a chance at this and nobody wanted to apply for it, so we’re going to spend that money somewhere else.'”

The BUILD Grant would help the county repair local infrastructure and Peterson was hoping it could help lay fresh gravel on county roads, repair paved roads in the small communities, and fix Old Post Road and Taylor Road.

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