Hill County Commission Approves Bid for Spillway and Stilling Basin Project

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Hill County Commission convened on Thursday for their weekly business meeting and unanimously approved a bid from Walker River Construction for a project to improve the spillway and stilling basin below the Beaver Creek Reservoir Dam.

The bid was for $142,500, and $125,000 of the costs will be covered by a grant from the DNRC.

The original bid from Walker River was for $175,280, but the price decreased after the Commission chose a value engineering option for the project. Instead of using articulated concrete for the irrigation outlet ramp, the project will now use 48 inch diameter riprap. This change was approved by the DNRC, the NRCS and the Commission.

“The reason we didn’t look at (this option) in the first place is we’ve historically had issues getting quality large riprap in the Havre area,” said Jonathan Weaver of Great West Engineering. “But the contractor they work with has good quality, large riprap. So I think it’s a good option that will save the county money and allow the project to be completed this year.”

Work that needs to be done to improve the spillway and stilling basin includes repairing cracked concrete curb and wingwalls, repairing transverse joints, and fixing the drain pipe that has settled.

Only minimal impacts to recreation are expected during the project, such as the inability to access the area in the immediate vicinity below the dam.

The hope is for the project to be completed by the end of the calendar year.

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