Legislative Call-In Session Discusses Medicaid, Tuition Waivers

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – About half a dozen people attended the Legislative Call In session that took place on Friday at Northern Montana Hospital to talk with Representatives Jacob Bachmeier and Jonathan Windy Boy.

Windy Boy talked about Medicaid expansion, saying that Mary Caffero’s bill that simply extends the sunset dates seems to be the favorite.

Bachmeier talked about a bill that would reimburse colleges for tuition waivers for Native Americans, veterans or orphans of police or firefighters. He also talked about a bill that would create more pilot programs to help veterans at the county level, but that bill was tabled.

Bachmeier also talked about a bill that would require insurance companies to use original parts in repairing a vehicle. He said this would likely raise insurance rates a little.

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