Local Legislators Disagree on 6-Mill Levy

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Three local lawmakers were able to attend the weekly Legislative Call-In Session at Northern Montana Hospital Friday afternoon. Democratic Representative Jacob Bachmeier, Republican Representative Josh Kassmier, and Republican Senator Russell Tempel spoke with only a few people who braved the winter weather to attend the meeting.

Bachmeier said he expects to introduce a bill Monday that would give County Commissioners the ability to remove people they have appointed and he’s still working on a bill to create passport drivers licenses in the state. He’s also working on a bill he calls Keely’s Bill, which would revise laws around the labeling, licensing and sale of pet treats. He expects this bill to be introduced in a week or so.

Kassmier talked about a bill that would get rid of nighttime truck speed limits, a bill to increase property tax deductions for seniors, and a bill to exempt some veterans pensions from the state income tax. He says he strongly believes that changes need to be made to Montana’s tax structure, but he doesn’t believe it will happen this session.

Tempel talked about a bill that would allow physicians assistants to practice without a need for a doctors approval and said he voted against a carbon tax bill.

Tempel and Bachmeier disagreed on the 6-Mill Levy. Tempel, who usually supports the levy, voted against the bill after he received several calls from people who were against the lack of a sunset on the levy. Bachmeier says that Montanans have approved the levy every ten years for 70 years and believes the funding should be made permanent.

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