Rocky Boy Man Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Murder

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (NMB) – Last week, a Rocky Boy man pleaded guilty to second degree murder in U.S. District Court in Great Falls as part of a plea agreement. Gavin Tyrone Sutherland changed his plea and admitted to the death of Shannon Dora Cole Licht on July 7th last year.

Court documents say that Sutherland strangled the woman in her bedroom and said he heard voices urging him to kill her.

Late on July 6th, the woman became upset over money she thought was stolen from her and called Sutherland into her room. Two men in the living room reported hearing screaming and thumping.

Sutherland admitted to choking the woman after hearing voices and seeing he called “shadowman”. He believed the voices would stop if he killed her.

He left the area for Spokane, Washington the next morning.

His sentencing is set for August 8th in Great Falls

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