Salvation Army Thrift Store Renovations Underway in Havre

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Renovations for Havre’s Salvation Army Thrift Store are underway and set to be completed this spring. General Secretary of Salvation Army’s Northwest Division Jonathan Harvey says they will update the floors and improve the fixtures before they reopen.

“We’ve just completed work on the exterior of the building, putting on a new façade on the front of the property. And I believe work is taking place as we speak on the interior. Working to get some new paint and flooring and prepare that for the new opening in the spring.”

Harvey says they are also restructuring the store in order to maximize their profits, which help fund the Salvation Army’s Emergency Services.

“The current structure that we had, just wasn’t really viable for us anymore financially and we, obviously, want to do the most good with the donations that are provided for us by the community. And so we decided that we needed to just, sort of step back for a while. Reevaluate what was necessary for the future, what could be done in the future.”

Harvey says last year, 1,637 people received support from Havre’s Salvation Army.

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