Secretary of State Canidate Jesse James Mullen in Havre

(Havre) – With Secretary of State for Montana Candidate Jesse James Mullen in Havre on December 5th New Media Broadcasters sat down with Mullen to ask why he was in Havre.

“I have an event here at the Wild Fig, I’m Meeting with a bunch of folks that I know here in Havre. Lindsey Ratliff is throwing it together Paul Tuss will be stopping by to say hello and yeah just a lot of good people having some nice conversations.”

We also asked what they will be talking about during the conversations.

“Well talk about this campaign what we hope to do differently with the Secretary of States Office. You know we’ve got some folks in there right now who haven’t done the best job maintaining office, making sure that our elections are run securely, quickly, accurately. Working on that business services department so people know when they have to file their reports and there going to be filled in a timely manner. Do a lot of work to bring accountability to that office.”

We finished by asking why he wanted to run for the office of Secretary of State for Montana.

“I used to be a journalist and now I own a newspaper company and so I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with our county clerk and recorders and we have an executive in that office right now who is given in to the people on the far, far, far right who have conspiracy theories who are trying to undermine the integrity of our elections. We do have one of the most safe and secure elections in the country and we need to be supporting our local officials. Our county commissioners our clerk and recorders who do so much work to keep our elections safe to maintain that integrity we need a state secretary that will back them up and make sure that that work does get done. Because chief secretary of state might be the chief elections official in the state but it’s the people here in the county who are doing the workday today and they need to be supported.”

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