Everything Antique Show Coming to Fairgrounds

(Havre) – The Everything Antique Show will put on its 16th annual display at the Northern Montana Fairgrounds June 2-4. Over the years, the weekend has grown to be about more than just the show.

Mark Weston of Everything Antiques describes other events that have become part of the weekend.

It has been such a popular weekend that they’ve got Beneath the Streets is doing something, the Museum does stuff, they’ve got the walk/run race out at the Bear Paws. There is just so many places that have adapted this weekend, to where Havre is just going to be horribly busy.”-Weston

Weston also spoke of how the weekend is perfect for bringing people together.

It’s a great place to come and socialize. The 4-H has food and beverage up there, they’ve got that great chuckwagon. You can just sit around and socialize. We’re going to have some exhibits inside as well. There’s going to be a demonstration on a spinning wheel spinning wool into yarn.”-Weston

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