Former Havre Swimming Coach Dies

Over the weekend, reports came out that former Havre swimming coach Bill Kilgore died on Saturday, Jan 13 after battling a sudden illness.

His successor, current Blue Ponies swimming coach Jill Cammon, gave this statement to New Media Broadcasters: “Coach Bill will forever be remembered by his swimmers. He coached them in swimming and in life. (He) always had the right words to lift them up, love them through challenges, and inspire them to reach their goals. His loving acceptance and inspiration will certainly live on in his swimmers.”

Current Havre swimmer Elizabeth Carroll eulogized her former coach on Facebook by saying, “Coach Bill will always be one of my main motivations. He was the first person I ever talked to and wasn’t self-conscious around. He was the kind of guy you could tell anything to and he always knew exactly what to say. He got so much of the team through rough times and even though he is gone, I know he will continue to do so. The whole team loves you so much, Bill. You are one of the good ones.”

While Kilgore’s legacy in sports was patrolling the lanes of the Havre City Pool, he retired last July from his day job as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Kilgore had been in his post on two different occasions; protecting the United States southern Border in Yuma, AZ before being transferred to Havre’s sector.

Coach Kilgore is survived by his wife Julie and their four children. There will be a Celebration of Life at the Chuckwagon in the Great Northern Fairgrounds on Tuesday at 5pm. The Kilgore’s encourage those who attend to wear Hawaiian shirts and hockey sweaters in memory of Bill.

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