Helena Lawmakers Debate Infrastructure Funding

HELENA, Mont. (NMB) – Lawmakers in Helena are starting to discuss how to build and maintain the state’s infrastructure. Again, the debate will come down to which projects get funding and where that funding comes from.

Tim Pierce with the UM Legislative News Service reports that Democratic Representative Ryan Lynch is sponsoring House Bill 14, which requests $160 million in bonded, or essentially borrowed, funds to pay for both critical projects, like bridges and wastewater maintenance, and buildings like MSU’s Romney Hall.

“All of Montana benefits from the investment in infrastructure, both in the urban areas as well as the rural areas.”

Republican Representative Llew Jones says carefully managing any bonded funds is essential for funding future projects.

“If you don’t have a framework, it’s always going to be a political debate. And that seems like a poor way to run a railroad.”

Jones says Republicans are working on a financial guideline bill that would includes some bonding fro infrastructure funding.

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