Hill County Park Board Approves Truck Purchase

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Hill County Park Board met on Monday evening for their regularly scheduled meeting at Beaver Creek Park.

Park Superintendent Chad Edgar told the board that recent revenue has been better than anticipated, allowing them to allocate an extra $30,000 into the budget.

As a result, at Edgar’s request, the Board approved the purchase of a truck that will be used for patrols and will be equipped with a radio. Edgar said he plans on purchasing a used truck and will try and cut costs on accessories.

Edgar said one of their current trucks the Park uses, a 1988 Chevrolet, has been acting up and can no longer pull a trailer. The current patrol truck, a 2011 model, is the only reliable vehicle for Beaver Creek Park staff. Edgar says they are looking to put a hitch on it and keep it as a multi-use vehicle.

Also discussed at the meeting was the recent acquisition of two Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) thanks to a grant from the Department of Public Health and Human Services. One of these fully automated devices has been put in the patrol truck, and the other is located in the Park Office.

As for the current campfire ban at the park, Edgar says it will remain in place for now. Although he says conditions have improved, it is still too dry at the park to repeal the ban.

Other items discussed at the meeting:

  • There has been a slight change to Cabin Transfer Procedures. In addition to filling out a bill of sale and a cabin transfer form, cabin owners must now fill out a realty transfer certificate, unless the sale is of a mobile home built before 1977. In that case, a separate form must be filled out.
  • In his Superintendent Report, Edgar said park usage has slowed down with the campfire ban and return of cattle to the park. Labor Day weekend saw moderate traffic for a holiday, and some people are still camping. There are currently 1,848 pairs of cattle out at the park, and signs are up warning drivers to watch out and slow down on the highway. A recent fire near Rotary Pond was quickly contained, and a cause has not been determined. Lightning has not been ruled out as the culprit, but Edgar said it was, “fairly suspicious,” and there was a human presence in the area.
  • The Frisbee Golf course baskets were recently set up near Rotary Pond. However, the buckets were temporarily removed since cattle are grazing at the park, and will be put back up in the spring.

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