Hill County Sheriff’s Office Warns Havre of Phone Scams

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Recently, the Hill County Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints about different types of phone scams in our area. Hill County Undersheriff Stan Martin says one involves scammers pretending to be with Verizon, who get enough information to get into victims’ Verizon accounts and either order expensive phones or open new phone lines.

Another one involves calls claiming the victims have qualified for a government loan or grant.

“The scammer then tells the victim they will put $4,000 in the victims credit card account. Which they do, but which is usually done with a bad check that will not pass through any banks. The victim is then told to take the $4,000 out of their credit card in cash and go to either a MoneyGram or a (Green) Dot Card transaction.”

Martin encourages people to report these scams to law enforcement or the entity the scammer claims to be with.

“What we encourage you to do is contact your local law enforcement. If there’s any fraud departments, like in credit cards, contact them. Like I said, these are only three of many scams that go on. So, in this day and age you need to take care of yourself.”

Martin says people should not give any personal information out over the phone and to hang up and call directly to the organization the scammers claim to be with.

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