HPS Sets 2023-2024 School Calendar

(Havre) – The Havre Public Schools Board of Trustees met for their reorganization meeting and a special meeting to discuss the calendar for the 2023-24 school year.

The reorganization meeting was held to welcome new board members Tyler Gibson and Kevin Johnson to the board as well as current board member Tim Scheele (She-Lee) who was re-elected on Tuesday May 2nd. Scheele was elected by the board as their chairman for the next year and Christin Hileman was elected the vice chair. The board finished by the reorganization meeting by appointed the district clerk, making committee appointments, and setting their meeting schedule for the next year.

After the reappointment meeting, Chairman Scheele gaveled the start of a special board meeting to consider the calendar for the 2023-24. Interim Superintendent Brad Moore made a recommendation that the board adopt a four day school week calendar with support Fridays for the entire school year. After much discussion, the board made a motion to adopt the five day a week, four day a week, five day a week calendar. After public comment and more board discussion on the motion it was defeated 5-3. Next the trustees made a motion to adopt the four day a week calendar with support Friday’s. This motion passed 5-3 and will be the calendar Havre Public Schools will utilize during the 2023-24 school year. It was noted during the meeting that K-3 students will not follow the same daily schedule as the one in the board packet as that mock calendar was based on the instruction requirements for the grades 4-12 students and the Montana Office of Public Instruction does not require K-3 students to attend as many instructional hours per week.

You can find the four day calendar with support friday’s online at the Havre Public Schools website blue pony k twelve dot com.

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