Montana AG Happy with Legislative Session

As the 2023 Montana Legislature wrapped up their session, Montana Attorney General Austen Knudsen told New Media Broadcasters he was overall happy with the results, in regard to his office.

Overall, it was a successful session as far as the Department of Justice is concerned. We went into this legislative session really trying to educate all of our legislators about the crime and the drug problem that’s going on in the state of Montana. There really is a major crime and drug problem going on in the state. They don’t live in that world everyday like i do and like a lot of the employees at the Department of Justice does. So, they did several really, really great things this session. House bill 112 carried by Representative Jodee Etchart of Billings that was a really big one for us. Courtenay Sprunger from the Flathead carried a great fentanyl trafficking sentencing bill for us, but the biggest thing is just budget, at the end of the day we have to police the state of Montana.-Knudsen


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