Montana Department of Commerce Announce Montana Tourism Legacy Awardees

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Montana Department of Commerce (MDC) announced Monday, May 18 the winners for the Montana Tourism Legacy Award.

MDC Director Tara Rice said, “This year, we celebrate the 2020 Tourism Award winners in new ways and recognize that the strength of these people and industries is their ability to adapt as we look toward to the future and remind visitors and residents alike that Montana is ‘Worth the wait.'”

Some of the recipients of the award were Marysue Costello of West Yellowstone, Gayle Fisher of Great Falls and Blue Heaven Ranch of Hays.

Rice said, “as we face this new challenging time together, it’s important to recognize some of the people and organizations that have made Montana’s tourism and recreation industries the economic drivers they have long been.”

The tourism award is presented to those who have not only contributed significantly to Montana’s tourism and recreational industries, but also to those who have and continue to spread the word about Montana’s many state attractions.

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