Montana VA Health Care System Selected as a Lead Facility to Expand Services

HELENA, Mont. (NMB) – The Montana Veterans Affairs Health Care System has been selected as the first lead facility to implement a phased approach to reintroducing in-person health care services while ensuring a safe environment.

Montana VA Chief of Staff Dr. JP Maganito says as of this past Monday, ancillary staff from departments such as radiology, pharamacy and the community care team have begun to resume in-person services.

“And then in about a week or two here, we’ll be opening up more of our face-to-face contact with our medicine specialty, our surgery as well as our dental.”

Maganito adds that rigorous safety measures including employee and Veteran COVID-19 screening, physical distancing, and appropriate personal protective attire and frequent disinfection of high-touch services will remain in place.

“On top of that, we also started a face covering directive or policy, by which everyone that is in our facility will be wearing at a minimum a face covering. The rest of the clinical staff that are on the front lines will be wearing surgical masks.”

Those that do not have a face covering will be provided a clinical mask to use.

Personalized virtual care options will continue to be maximized.

Veterans who have questions about accessing MTVAHCS health care should call the nurse advice line at 1-877-468-8387.

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