Next Week “Boy Scouts of America Week” in Hill County

(Havre) During their February 15th meeting, the Board of Hill County Commissioners issued a proclamation making the week of February 18th Boy Scouts of America week.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Dan Hair, BOA Hi-Line District Executive and BOA Montana Council to ask for a comment about the proclamation.

“February is our anniversary month, this is the 114th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America which is really exciting. In Montana, Boy Scouts have existed since 1910 with some of the first units erupting in Butte and spreading throughout the state. So it’s super exciting to have Havre be super supportive of scouting in the area and Hill County to be super supportive of scouting in the area. In the local museum they’ve set up an exhibit to commemorate scouting”

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