Skylights Basketball Coach Ushers Out 2023-24 Season

The MSU-Northern Skylights bowed out in the first round of the Frontier Conference Tournament over the weekend. New Media Broadcasters caught up with head coach Chris Mouat after the game and he summed up what happened against Rocky Mountain College that led to the defeat.

“I wouldn’t say fatigue had anything to do with it. We got outscored,” Mouat said. “We put up enough points on the board in nearly every game we played all year long.”

“The problem was we didn’t have enough stops,” Mouat continued. “Rebounds hurt us, including a couple free throw rebounds. Bottom line is that we didn’t stop them enough and score to win.”

“We didn’t shoot the ball in stretches well enough when they were hot, but we shot it well throughout,” Mouat said.

Mouat was then tasked with recapping the season in a nutshell. From the highs and lows to the regrets and joys, coach Mouat shared with the listeners his true feelings after wrapping up his 19th season at the helm of the MSU-Northern Skylights basketball team.

“You’re always going to want certain games back,” Mouat said. “Our kids grew from those. We took a couple beatdowns out there, too.”

“I think the thing with this team is that they got better throughout the year (and) more competitive throughout the year,” Mouat continued. “This program and these kids took huge steps forward. Our record isn’t going to reflect that, unfortunately.”

“(This is the) first time we’ve beaten (Montana) Western in a few years,” Mouat said. “First time we’ve won at Rocky (Mountain College) in many years, and the first time we’ve had two (wins) out of three against a couple teams in the last three years.”

Like Mouat said, the Skylights of 2023-24 improved, finishing with three more wins overall and making the big jump from a (1-14) Frontier Conference record one year ago to a (5-10) stint against some of the top programs in the NAIA.

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