The Effort to Revitalize Ojibwe

Many native people on the Rocky Boy reservation and beyond are hard at work on something very important to their heritage. They are finding ways to revitalize the Ojibwe language.

Jonathon Windy Boy the House District 32 Representative and the Director of the Cultural Resource Preservation Department, explains his current efforts to maintain native culture.

“I’m putting in a request here for a million dollars for a language immersion building and I’m also putting in a million-dollar request for a cultural resource community building.”-Jonathon Windy Boy

More specifically he describes the efforts to maintain the Ojibwe language through the Box Elder schools.

“And right now there has been some efforts with the Box Elder School coming together with our department to come up with how we’re going to pursue that, and one of the grants that we have, the Living Language Grant Program that we pursue through the Department of Interior is to have a focus on Chippewa Ojibwe language and in the past in recent everybody has always been so focused on Cree that when we had decided to shift that to Ojibwe now everybody want to jump on board which is good I guess.” -Jonathon Windy boy

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